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Talkin’ with Dokken By Pastor Joe

If I ever had a radio show for discussion of Eternal subjects, the title of my program would be “Talkin’ with Dokken”…kind

of a catchy phrase. It’s not very often when the article will be all over the board as to subjects and issues, but here we go, hang onto your seat. By the way, if you read last week’s article the specific events discussed were from 10 years ago. So, rest assured, none of you even know the 2 couples I mentioned.

For those who are not aware, my trip to Hungary is only 9 days away. The opportunity to travel with Light for the Lost and distribute Fire Bibles is very exciting! My trip dates are November 9th through the 22nd. Please pray for me and the entire team.

I want to plant the seeds right now for a short-term mission trip to Love Packages in 2022, tentatively set for Spring Break week, March 13th-18th. The cost of this mission trip is very doable. Lodging and food costs are very reasonable. We eat together twice a day and those meals are prepared by part of the team. We will car pool, so travel expenses will be less. So, if you have any interest, please connect with me to find out more. You will come home with a new perspective on the need for Bibles!

Obviously, the calendar is creeping ever closer to late fall and with its approach we are praying and believing for some new levels of ministry outgrowth to children within our communities of influence. For those who are not aware of the history of Hawthorne Assembly, children’s ministry has been very impactful to MANY boys and girls. The past efforts made by volunteers of this church and those from other churches was commendable. Our fellowship successfully ministered to 30 to 40 children on Wednesday nights. That is something we need to believe for again, PRAY for, put our efforts toward it becoming reality once again. Scott and Brandi Tintes are part of the answer to reaching children. Yet, they are going to need a number of volunteers to make this dream a reality. The second half of today’s message explains how we can volunteer our time and not burn out!

Speaking of prayer and watching something grow into reality, every 4th Monday at the Rairdon home there is a prayer focus for a new church fellowship in Iron River. We meet from 5 to 6pm. Please join us! As a friendly reminder we are suggesting people fast on the fourth Monday of each month, and then we will break our fast with a meal together after the prayer time.

Christmas Cafe is only 6 weeks away, please support this great outreach by signing up now to help. This year we have a sign-up folder, talk to Janet if you have any questions on how you can help.

We are very excited to announce the construction of a new pavilion in the spring of 2022. I’ll be sharing a few details this morning.

Finally, I want to say how appreciative Janet and I are for the opportunity to serve this congregation. We are midway into our sixth year here in Northwest Wisconsin. I want to thank everyone for your generosity shown to us during Pastor Appreciation last week. It truly is a blessing to serve as the under-shepherd of the Chief Shepherd.


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