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One Word (follow One Word (f By Pastor Joe At the beginning of 2022 we were all c

One Word (follow-up) By Pastor Joe

At the beginning of 2022 we were all challenged to choose a word “One Word” to focus on throughout the next 12 months and here we are halfway through the year. I felt now would be a good time to remind us about our word and to reevaluate our one word.

Here is a portion of what I wrote in January. “So, I challenge you to write this one word down in lots of locations: in your Bible, your car, your bathroom mirror, on your phone, make it a definite part of your daily routine. Remember, simply identifying a word will not give you a greater advantage in your spiritual journey, it will not cause you to live more successfully, just because you’ve picked a word. Make sure you understand this word is a daily encouragement tool, hopefully spurring you to greater levels of spiritual growth, greater levels of sincere relationships, greater levels of success within the calling God has placed upon your life. Secondly, this word is most likely already part of your life, it’s related to an area where you know you need growth and you have a desire to improve. Most of us should choose a word which is already incorporated in our daily lifestyle and/or a point of interest, because we need growth within our spiritual walk with God and man. Having said this, it needn’t be an area which is lacking, you just don’t want it to stay status quo. Third and finally, if you start this process and realize that your word changes direction or even changes entirely, that’s OK! The ultimate purpose of having “one word” is to help us to engage our three-part being (body, soul, and spirit) on a regular basis. No different than taking the time each day for proper rest, nutrition, exercise, and relationship building. God said it best in Philippians 4:8, we must be intentional in our thought life, because that is what shapes us.” Here is a serious but silly question. Do you remember your word? Possibly some of you don’t remember your word because life became very busy over the last 6 months. No problem, just start over or pick up from where you left off.

Here is another excerpt from the January post. “I chose the word “rattle” as my one word for 2022. So, I decided we should each pick a word to be part of our daily prayer life, daily journaling, daily routine, something that we dwell on frequently. This word does not define you, rather it helps shape who you aspire to be. It’s just one of the many growth tools a person should incorporate into their life. You should be expecting God to use many resources, whether it’s books, training classes, Sunday school, Bible curriculum online, fasting, prayer walking, praying in the spirit, serving at a local food shelf, expanding the boundaries of your comfort zone. I want you to reach for that next level of spiritual growth. If it’s the Lord‘s will for us to live for another 365 days, then let’s do our very best, and add the one-word theme to our spiritual tool box.

Now we are at 191 days, but who’s counting. Let’s take the next 6 months and build on our “One Word” or re-ignite the word you feel will help you reach your next level of spiritual growth. As we gather today at Assembly Park Camp, I’m believing Superintendent Davis is going to have a word that will encourage us to finish the last half of 2022 strong! 175 days from now we will be ringing in a new year, again who’s counting. I’m ready to soak up every bit of summer and fall, right now, how about you? Yet more importantly I’m committed to rattling my world by everything done with eternal perspective. Take 7 @ 11 now has over 50 episodes and by the end of the year nearly 200. Rattling my world with the gospel and doing everything to keep our fellowship moving forward is of high priority. Hawthorne Assembly needs to be a vital part of what happens in Northwest Wisconsin, now more than ever Together is Better!


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