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Easter 364

Easter 364 By Pastor Joe

Yes you did read the title correctly. Easter 364. Just a little light humor. Yes, I did graduate high school, even college, and I am well aware of the fact each year has 365 days. Without getting lost in the weeds, we’ll also be even more specific that every fourth year has 366 days. Today we celebrate the empty tomb, life conquering death. Yes, today is Resurrection Sunday. Yet on Monday, Resurrection Power still continues. The tomb is STILL EMPTY!

Some of you reading this article may be in the same place the disciples were, where doubt, disappointment and despair had set in. The disciples, who lived and walked with Jesus, heard the words of Jesus, and heard His promises, were still bewildered by the overwhelming reality of what they saw at the cross. Can’t you hear them whispering to each other….. ‘He said he would be the Hope of Israel, he said that he would defeat the powers of the evil one, he said he would bring peace to a troubled heart, he said he would comfort all those who mourn, he said he would be the strong tower, he said fear not, he said he would never leave us, nor forsake us’.

As we read in the Word of God, we see it doesn’t take long for the human condition to override the truths of what our Savior told them, and still speaks to us today. “He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me and talks with me along, life’s narrow way.” Those are just a few of the words from one of the songs we will sing today.

These words are echoed often on Easter Sunday, but they’re good for us beyond today when we think of Easter 364. There is a heightened sense of hope, joy, and optimism that typically surrounds this holy holiday, celebrated by Christians all over the world. Yet within the confines of our fellowship, there will be those who are dealing with wayward children, financial burdens, marital struggles, health set-backs, self-doubt or anxiety; no matter what the issue, Resurrection power will be needed far beyond the joy of this day.

Today brings the conclusion of our “Passion” message series. The theme for today’s message is “Unstoppable Love.” Unstoppable love is 24/7. There is no need to say 365 because if we believe it’s 24/7, then it never ends. Somewhere in Northwest Wisconsin today, someone will need the resources of a local emergency room. Thank goodness that hospitals are open 24/7. Many a story has been told of those who endure adverse weather, limited transportation, struggling finances, to ensure their loved one’s safe arrival at an ER. There is a great sense of comfort knowing we can journey a substantial distance and the doors will not be locked.

As you consider Easter 364, rest assured Heaven stands at attention for you and the doors are never locked! Our Savior says to us, not just on Easter, but whenever and to whoever, “cast all of your cares upon me.” Easter 364 means Heaven’s ER is always open!


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