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“One Word” By Pastor Joe

Seven years ago, our youngest son, Timothy, began attending North Central University, our Assemblies of God Bible College in the Twin Cities, where he is now the head coach of the Lacrosse Team. Six years ago, many of the young men on that new team, including Tim, were introduced to the “One Word” concept. Almost everything about his Lacrosse team was a brand-new venture, including a new coach, new field, new sport, new team, new uniforms. Yet, life has a way of changing and shifting so fast. Five years ago, when I introduced our fellowship to “One Word,” the inaugural coach left the team, and now Tim who recently finished his college lacrosse playing career is filling that same position. Tim’s first word chosen was a hyphenated one word (which is just fine) “Follow-through”. I can’t imagine what it felt like for the team to deal with such drastic changes. Tim’s word became very important in so many different facets. As one of the captains of the team, he had to help keep the team together and not lose hope in spite of great upheaval. Often the responsibility of helping teach players, with little experience in the game, was now part of his co-captain position. Follow-through had great meaning right from the onset and maybe some of you can relate because of your own experiences last year. Tim is the fourth full-time coach to be hired in only five years of competitive play. A new season of lacrosse is just about to begin and a new season for God to do something great with this new group of men.

All of us at Hawthorne Assembly have the same opportunity for this new year. We are already 9 days into January, but let’s pick a new “One Word”, or continue with our word from last year. My “One Word” last year was “Overcome” and I would often find myself thinking about how well I was fulfilling the focus of this word. Overcome for me was mainly focused in the area of avoiding sinful behavior. Especially since a significant part of our life is accomplished with no one holding us accountable other than ourselves. Overcome will always be a part of my life until Jesus returns or He brings me home. 2022 brings a new “One Word” for me. In the past I have struggled picking the right word, yet this year it came so clearly. Last week’s sermon really impacted me, as a matter of fact, it led me to my new word… “Rattle”. Brothers and Sisters, it is time for us to stop just observing and start speaking prophetically into the lives of the people around us. Here is an excerpt from last year’s article: “The ultimate purpose of having “One Word” is to help us engage our three-part being (body, soul, and spirit) on a regular basis. No different than taking time each day for proper rest, nutrition, exercise, and relationship building. God said it best in Philippians 4:8, we must be intentional in our thought life, because that is what shapes us.”

Since I have chosen the One Word, “Rattle” it challenges me, to be part of the solution, by declaring the truth of God’s Word. Let’s all do our part to prophecy to any area of dry bones or deadness, first in our own lives and then in the people God places in our path of life. What’s your word?


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