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Follow Through Pastor Joe Dokken

Follow Through Pastor Joe Dokken

Most Americans enjoy sports, both as spectators and participants. Traveling to Lambeau Field last week with my son Timothy was very memorable and the 78,000 plus fans also all enjoyed the football (soccer) game. Some of the fans enjoyed it a little too much- as the scriptures tell us, “beer is a brawler”. Any sport played or spectated is so much more rewarding when individuals are fully present. Enough said!

Preseason NFL football started on Thursday with the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio and next Thursday the remainder of the teams begin their journey. The team supported by most Wisconsinites plays the 49ers on Friday August 12th. Good Luck, since this is just a practice game and counts for nothing. A few weeks later the Green and Gold will collide with the Purple at US Bank Stadium for the official start of this season. Most loyal Packer and Viking fans understand the game but if you don’t you need to learn the foundational objectives of NFL football.

Whether you are a loyal fan or fanatic or participant, ultimately not only do you need to understand the basics of the sport; you as a real enthusiast want to master the mechanics. If Fishing is the sport you enjoy, then developing a good cast is critical. (By the way fishing has for years been recognized as a professional sport.) This goes for any sport which requires your contact with the “instruments” (ball, bat, club, stick, field, track, hill, ski, pole, hoop, net, basket, etc. used to be able to successfully participate. Most of us would like to advance from beginner to novice to advanced, possibly even to the rank of professional.

All sports participants have continually heard their coach stress to the team that it is about follow through. Whether you are throwing some type of object, swinging some kind of stick, running toward a specific point- follow through is so critical. Follow through in our spiritual life is even more critical. Listen to what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9:9, “Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!”. Paul is telling the reader; you have to give your very best right up to the end. Don’t just run like everyone else, but run in a way to win. Your follow through is going to take you to the place of victory.

I want to encourage you to find places to improve your spiritual follow through, here are 4 suggestions.

1. Have you promised to pray for someone or something and have not followed through? Do it today.

2. Have you promised to help with some form of ministry and have not yet? It’s time to follow through.

3. Have you in your heart not forgiven someone or something? Do it now!

4. Have you wanted to invite your neighbor or friend to church? Today is the day of salvation and follow through. (Tonight is an excellent opportunity!)


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