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We are only 4 weeks away from our first ever Christmas @ the Dokken’s; our official name will be “Christmas @ “Lupinewald.” Janet and I enjoy the lupines which come alive every spring in the Northland. Wald is the German word for forest. Put the two words together and welcome to our home! I'm very excited about the transformation that is going to take place over the next few weeks. Our home will be converted into a lovely Christmas theme. You will have to excuse some of the construction that will not be finished by the time you arrive. Although, we do have outdoor lighting by the front door, AMEN! The sights and sounds of the season are always a great blessing, especially since summer/fall foliage and critters are hibernating for the next few months. What a great late fall we just experienced, although personally, the October blast of winter was no fun! But we take everything in stride! We rejoice in all things! I'm never ready for winter, but anything we can do to make a positive impact on our community...I'm all in! Have you invited anyone yet? This year's theme is “Welcome Friends.” The music, the messages on Sundays, and the scenery at our home and the church will all focus on the Biblical message of making room at the manger for one more soul. Just like the angels who announced the birth of Emmanuel, we need to do our part to let people know they are welcome to be part of the family of God. People are hurting, fearful, and the unseen enemy virus has crippled life as we know it. We need to be people of hope, and one way we express it is by inviting people into our homes. We need to break bread together (pumpkin pie works too). We will not forget Thanksgiving, but I need you all to help plan to make this year's Christmas event at our home memorable and safe! It's time to start watching for some of the standard sights and sounds of the season. It’s time to welcome friends into our home. Hopefully, we will hear the bells ringing near the little red kettles in the area. I refuse to live in fear of the Grinch called COVID. Here are a couple of important details for the December 12th & 13th gatherings at our home. Everyone will be receiving a ticket with a block of time for you to come and bring friends. We are asking everyone to limit your guests to 2 individuals. Obviously, a family with 5 kids is also fine. Ultimately we want to keep a nice flow of people around on both evenings, without it getting too congested. Next week we will talk more about how the tickets will work.

I’m believing, at least one wayward soul will experience the true meaning of Christmas. Their welcome mat will have eternity attached to it. One other important part of the Christmas season will be our fourth annual Candlelight Christmas Eve service. Start thinking about who you can invite; we want to be intentional about connecting people who do not have a church home with our local church.


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