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Christmas 364

Well, the weather is definitely changing towards a Christmas feel. Who doesn’t like a White Christmas? This means weather....more specifically, temperatures that stay below freezing. Notice I didn’t say sub-zero, yet as you read this article we are experiencing arctic weather. Since we have chosen to live in NW Wisconsin we should embrace everything that comes with a winter wonderland environment. Personally, I like participating in activities such as; ice fishing, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and even plowing (since I now have the right equipment). Let’s expand on one activity from my list for a few more moments. One of the reasons why ice fishing is a good choice, for me, is the ability to share the hope of Jesus while you wait for the bobber to go down, or the flag on the tip-up to signal. No matter what we find ourselves doing, if we have eternity in mind, I think the aforementioned activities and many other winter focused events can draw others towards the Savior. Christmas 364 days a year should be our attitude. One day each year, we already celebrate Emmanuel coming into the world. Notice I said our attitude (not the weather) should be about Christmas.

Please don’t think I’m not about having fun! Sometimes we do things just to have an enjoyable time with our loved ones, or to get away with God himself. I’m no “tree hugger” but the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it…”(Psalm 24:1)

As you walk into the building for this last Sunday in 2020 or read these words just before the dawn of 2021, your attitude for the next 364 non-typical Christmas days should not change from the Christmas we just celebrated. We each need to do our part, and even lend an extra hand as we continue our REBOOT for 2021. Hopefully, we will see about 75 to 150 visitors in 2021 and about 10 or so will decide to make our theme of Together is Better, a part of their spiritual journey. Most importantly, if they have not surrendered their life to Emmanuel, they will prayerfully do so over the next 12 months. God is expecting us to do our part in soul winning. I have complete trust in the leaders at Hawthorne Assembly to do their part. Throughout the year we have different opportunities to support each other, and no one event is more important than any other. The most important outreach will always be whatever is next to accomplish. So let's make Christmas 364 in our hearts, a great success, and be ready to feel the joy of singing "Silent Night" not just December 24th but each and every day! Let the following scripture be one of many in helping you live out Christmas every day. "Be very careful, then, how you live - making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15 Don’t let the ultimate grinch, the enemy of our souls, have any success. An attitude of Christmas 364 could just be the change you need in your thinking for 2021.


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