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Breaking Barriers

Quite often there are church growth seminars on how to break the 100 or 200 barriers in attendance. In the past, I have attended church growth conferences where ideas and concepts are shared that have helped other pastors attain certain congregational size goals. One of the questions which all pastors ask when they meet each other is: How’s your church going? The knee-jerk reaction of the other pastor is, “it’s going good and we run about “XXX” number every Sunday.” There is nothing wrong with this question or these kinds of questions, except they should not be the only ones we ask. How about questions such as: Has anyone accepted Christ, been filled with the Holy Spirit, has your fellowship experienced any divine healing or has anyone been called into ministry? The interesting correlation is, as those statistics increase, churches typically grow and reach these attainable benchmarks. There is something wonderful about saying there are 100 of us in church every Sunday. I will continue to answer the most typically asked questions, but before they can ask me another question I’m going to respond with some other details. “We have “X” number of individuals who are training to be pastors, “X” missions trips are planned for next year, “X” new church starts in NW Wisconsin, “X” Christian education opportunities are starting because we see the need!” The EQUIP conference is a great opportunity to help me (us) grow our local fellowship. Next Saturday the vehicles are leaving at 6am from the Church parking lot. Your only cost will be for meals. There are multiple ministry-specific training options to pick from for the breakout sessions. Go to the website: right away and look over the options. I need you, as much as you need me! Some may think Pastor Joe is pawning off responsibilities to the congregation. Learning from Pastors who have been successful in developing a local congregation, in all facets of growth, releasing your congregation into ministry is so important. The miracle is in the house. All of the training and hands-on application is designed to help a local church grow. Ministry is both caught and taught, I have grown as much at conferences observing the passion in other people sharing their stories, along with the notes taken to improve my effectiveness. Every conference provides something new; just imagine what you might glean which we can use here at Hawthorne Assembly. The most important strategy caught and taught, which beats in my heart, came from Pastor Barnett and his fellowship: every ministry has soul-winning as its primary objective. We will break the standard attendance barriers, as we work together and, Lord willing, multiple new believers will be clearly evident, because every ministry that flows from Hawthorne Assembly has soul-winning as its priority. “he that winneth souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30


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