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90 to Newborn By Pastor Joe

90 to Newborn By Pastor Joe

You’ve heard me use this phrase many times that we are a local fellowship from 90 to newborn. Just to be specific- we have those within our congregation who are older than 90, and very soon we will celebrate baby Kruit coming into the world keeping our saying very real! The statement is more about generations than a specific age. When our first attender hits 100 I’ll have to change my tune! For right now let’s all celebrate our multi-generational declaration. You have to agree… It’s just a catchy phrase. Most mid-sized congregations are not as well-rounded as our fellowship. In the last 3 years our church family has said goodbye for now to 4 individuals in their 90’s, and a couple more seniors in their golden years. Don Kallberg, Jim Jameson, Ed Stensland, Gerry Petite, Aunt Edithe, Steve Westerlund.

I loved all these individuals; each has made a lasting impact in my life. The first Sunday Janet and I began our ministry here at Hawthorne Assembly was very memorable. Don Kallberg was so kind and greeted us, and when he found out I was in the Air Force we were like best friends. Then when he found out I was born in Germany near Ramstein Airbase that sealed the deal. He had been stationed at Ramstein himself, and for many many months going forward he would often ask me, “Where was your Dad stationed in Germany?”.

The Scriptures tell us that outwardly our bodies are wasting away but inwardly we are being renewed day by day. Clearly this was happening in most of the names mentioned above. My heart went out to them especially knowing my own parents are in their mid to late-80s and dealing with the issues of growing old. All of us want to hang on to every last minute of healthy and wholesome conversations with our loved ones. My biggest favor and prayer request of each of you is you will extend me much grace and understand if you don’t see me around during the week. Trips to Willmar or making a quick trip to central Kansas have become more frequent and will probably increase. Janet is an only child so her need to be with her 87-year-old parents is of high importance. Just another reason why we need multiple skilled musicians and singers on our worship team. Each and every one of us need to embrace those who are on the “golden age” side of the scale in our congregation and/or your immediate family. We need to hang around them more often and learn from their wisdom. We should ask them to share stories about their walk with Jesus and soak in every minute we can because one day they will be gone. Just ponder for a moment and wonder what other stories are in our congregation right now that need to be experienced by others, more specifically by you the reader of this article?


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