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Joe's Barbecue Season 5

We are about to begin the 5th season of Joe’s Barbecue. For those of you who are not aware of this in-house ministry, we meet on Sunday nights and enjoy a meal together. This year we are attempting, due to concerns about social gathering, a different format of gathering with closer to only 8-10 people instead of 15 or 20 as in the past. We have our new home, and a real kitchen that’s just about ready to go, and hope to still gather every other Sunday evening. We will be inviting everyone in the congregation to attend, and if you cannot attend your scheduled invitation, we will reschedule you for a later gathering. Please be aware our home is still under construction; it is very rustic even though it will always have a rustic feel. Like most log homes it is cozy and space is not an issue; want you to enjoy your time at our place called Lupinewald. Janet and I have adopted Lupines as our perennial of choice; they grow fantastically near our front entrance. The word “wald” is the German word for forest, so if Jesus tarries, 10 years from now, or so, we should have a blanket, a “wald” of Lupines all over the property. Back to BBQ stuff...the church will provide the main course, the drinks, all of the condiments and table service. It’s a great time to gather together and enjoy a meal, each other‘s company, a time of fellowship and it’s also an opportunity to invite a friend. This is another reason why we reduced the total number of church family members each time so that we can accommodate your guests. We would suggest you limited your invites to no more than two people or one couple. Connecting with our neighbors and introducing them to our church is so important. Our guests need to see we are caring, compassionate, and comfortable to be around. We don’t have to be socially awkward, we do have to be biblically truthful, while also being gracious, winsome, engaging, interested, fun, and enjoy something most people enjoy such as a gathering for a great meal. There’s just something heartwarming, healing and wholesome about gathering around a table to break bread. Especially when the weather is so nice and winter will soon challenge our outdoor activities. Our first Joe’s Barbecue of 2020 will be on August 2nd, invites will be going out soon. One other important point is our desire to be sensitive to any food issues, accommodating any dietary restrictions you might have, or dietary preferences such as gluten-free, sugar-free, food allergies, or vegan options. “Together is Better” sometimes means making sure we can accommodate all of our church family eating needs. I enjoy eating a spicy black bean burger (which I never ate growing up) and quinoa has also become part of our Joe’s BBQ salad options. In years past the food and side dishes that each family brought have been phenomenal! It was at a barbecue that Janet and tried frog-eye salad and now it is the absolute favorite dish we serve our children when we gather together for any special occasion. We are looking forward to having you at our home in the near future.

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