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Missing Sunday School & More

Sunday School is such an important part of the life of any growing fellowship. If the church is adding new souls and/or discipling those who have not had previous biblical training, then Sunday School is critical. Not only is Sunday School important, but so is Bible Study. This week, on Wednesday evening, we had 15 in our Prison Epistle study. Wow! The study is back at the church and we will probably need more space to spread out if the attendance two weeks ago was any indication. Our Youth Ministry, led by Ben and Lydia, is happening and the Empower Student Ministries youth room is looking for more teenagers. Ministry for all ages will soon be back in the swing of things. Some specifics of ministry might take a few more months just because of logistics but let’s all just stay focused on advancing God’s kingdom. I am so thankful for my history of Sunday School because it was during a biblical classroom setting at Finland Air Force Station where I was confronted by the true Gospel. The Holy Spirit was working on my heart so strongly, that before I left the multi-purpose facility which housed our Sunday School and Worship Service, I prayed to receive Christ into my life. At every church I attended that offered Sunday School, I made sure I was part of whatever age-appropriate class would help me grow. I’m so thankful for Annie Moss who is our official director of Christian Education; she has some great ideas for reaching people of all ages. Some churches use the title Sunday School Superintendent, even Hawthorne Assembly has used this title in the past, but Annie’s responsibility is more than Sunday School. She will be overseeing a number of facets of our Biblical training objectives. For now, Sunday School, Children’s Church, and midweek elementary education will be in her portfolio of oversight and leadership. We are going to continue to add the needed training as we see our local fellowship grow. Yes, it’s a bummer that all these activities are on hold during this time of “unknown” but let’s just be as flexible as possible. One new possibility (actually it’s kind of a revival of a recent outreach) “Movie Night” with a little different twist will be in the parking lot. It’s not just for the young people who come to our fellowship; it’s open to whoever wants to participate. Have I told you that I really miss Sunday School and some of our other outreaches that kick into full gear during this time of the year? We need to make sure as a local fellowship that our toddlers, middlers, elementary students, actually every age group, from 90 to newborn, are being equipped during our classroom times with the Word of God. Adults and parents, never forget that you are the primary teacher of the Word to yourself and your children. We want to reinforce everything you learn at home, and we want Ben and Lydia to be able to help your youth become even more excited about serving Christ during their Middle and High School years. I’m very optimistic as to what will happen over the next 12 months of transition with each of us doing our part in supporting Annie as she leads Christian Education. For those already committed, take one more step and ask God how you could be even more involved during this time of uncertainty and where we really need to be adaptable and...I can’t stress it enough...flexible so that we can minister to whoever, however, whenever.

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