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Absence Makes The Heart Grow....

No one knows for sure how long the "safer at home" orders will last. Nevertheless, one of our highest priorities is keeping in constant contact with those who are part of our congregation. Hopefully, you noticed the title for this week's article did not come to a normal conclusion. Most of us know how this cliché ends. On a separate subject let me encourage you to read the greatest collection clichés ever given to mankind. For followers of Jesus, it is called the Book of Proverbs, there’s one chapter for every day of the month. No matter what level of “fondness” you are feeling for your local fellowship, one thing is for sure; this is just our temporary home and our ultimate home, heaven, awaits us. Here is a healthy habit hint from your Pastor… longing for heaven keeps you focused on eternity and not just your current plight.

As soon as the “safer at home” orders are rescinded will start meeting together again, Amen! Recently the term “Badger Bounce Back” has been circulating, indicating the beginnings of non-essential workers returning to their places of employment. This is a good start. Please continue to pray for our next steps as to whether we continue just meeting online through Facebook Live or if we should add Sunday morning services in our parking lot. The leadership team will be discussing options in the near future. Cabin fever is definitely at a heightened state, so we are doing our best to help many of you stay positive during these challenging days. We’ve added a few new touchpoints to ministry at Hawthorne Assembly because of the current COVID-19 crisis. If you have not received your first copy, by now, of our new Hawthorne Assembly newsletter, please let us know. Actually, the second issue should have already arrived in your mailbox too. Hannah has done a great job of putting together a multiple page newsletter with information concerning our local fellowship. It also includes local community happenings, some great encouraging stories, scriptures, and testimonies that are uplifting and encouraging. This will be a great blessing to you and your family. Recently, I had the privilege of stopping by a number of the homes of our church family. If you did not receive your package of seeds you need to contact me right away. I have a few packages still available. One of the other items many of you received was a book by David Wilkerson, Hallowed Be Thy Names, subtitled, “Knowing God As You’ve Never Known Him Before.” Chapter 9 titled “Immanuel” was very uplifting and interesting to me. Most of us have been taught that this name is, “God with us”, which is completely correct, but David Wilkerson goes into an in-depth understanding of just what "God with us" means and how we apply it, daily, in our life. Here is one excerpt from the book for you to consider: Maybe Satan‘s principalities have brought such an intense spiritual warfare upon you that you’ve become ensnared by a sinful habit. No matter how hard you’ve prayed, you haven’t been able to find victory. So now you’re sending your flesh out to do battle with the enemy. You’re trying to make a pay off by relying on your own human strength. It will never work. Why? God isn’t interested in giving you a victory over a single sin. The Lord is after more in your life than merely one lust or habit. He wants you to be able to say more than simply, I once had this sin in my life, but now I’ve overcome it. Instead, he wants you to

be so totally established in your faith in him, you know that absolutely nothing can destroy Christ rule in your heart. (Page 172-173). In 2020 I desire to live an uncluttered life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A greater revelation of Immanuel and all of the names of God will definitely help in my journey. How about you? Do you need to declare like Paul did, “I want to know Christ…”

By the way, don’t forget to plant a garden and spend time with Immanuel who breathed life into you from dirt.

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