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Post Easter Online

The final tally is going to be somewhere between 400 and 450 who viewed our Resurrection Sunday service. We are not about numbers, ultimately we are about souls and every chair can hold a soul. I think of Steve Schmidt’s comment to volunteers while they are packing ocean going containers leaving from Love Packages … “Every hole is a soul!” Every space in that container could hold another piece of literature which another soul could read and come to Christ! Until recently it was about empty chairs, which I talk about regularly , has potential, has possibilities to be filled with new attenders, new converts, new leaders, new church planters. I’m believing some of these 400+ pairs of eyeballs will bring the rest of themselves to church when we start meeting together again. Imagine the possibilities if we will just believe God for what he says in his Word. Scripture tell us he’s(God) able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think… this passage is from Ephesians 3:20-21.

I know my preaching is only a portion of what brings people here from all over northwest Wisconsin, yet our scripture talks about “we” “us” to accomplish his plans and purposes for mankind. Side-note: Are you doing your part by inviting your social networking friends to worship with us on Sundays? My goal has always been to preach practical, biblical, spirit-lead messages, focused at reaching across the spectrum of spiritual maturity. How much more important is this with our online audience from all over the world. The main reason we were able to have almost 450 people watching online last Sunday is you! Resurrection Sunday was about the Empty Tomb but it is just as much about you be the living proof of the transforming power of Jesus. This Sunday 400 to 500 people will view a portion of our service, So pray for me to have passion like never before; to boldly proclaim the Red Letters with great conviction . Whoever joins in with us, no matter what the total number, it will be worth it all because lives will be impacted by resurrection power once again. Resurrection power is not something we should talk about only on Easter Sunday or during the Easter season. Resurrection power should flow from us and from the pulpit on a regular basis. As you and I live out our Christian faith “resurrection power” should be evident to those around us. Once again the scriptures tell us “Christ in you the hope of glory…”

Our first Easter together was actually my first official Sunday at Hawthorne Assembly. We had about 75 gathered that day and now on an average Sunday we are surpass that number. If Jesus tarries, we should believe in the near future for an average attendance similar to how many viewed last week. We should be believing for growth, for a second service, adding on to the facility, considering starting more satellite churches. Iron River and Spooner is just the beginning for this fellowship. Let’s be continually believing for growth and advancement in 2020. Our three key vision words are: GO, BE, DO, more focus will be given this year in developing those three words. More messages as to what it means to: GO, BE, DO. It really is a great privilege of mine to be the Lead Pastor at Hawthorne Assembly. I hope when you read my pastors report for 2019 you sense my excitement. I want it to express my observations of what happened, my desires and goals for what should happen in 2020. I truly want my heart for Northwest Wisconsin to be evident in my letter. Our annual business meeting will take on a new format this year. Shortly you will be receiving all of the reports, yet gathering together will have to wait. Until we know how we are going to proceed I’ve asked all of the current Deacons to stay on until we can meet in person. again.Greater things are ahead as we continue to live out our faith in Christ, because Together is Better!

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