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What guy doesn’t like power tools? (Ladies, I know a few of you fit into this equation, you matter too!) Does everyone remember the TV show Home Improvement? Tim Allen was the star and he was always trying to find the latest and greatest power tools available for the average guy or gal who desired the cutting-edge power advantage. In other words, don’t work harder, work smarter. March will be a very busy month at Hawthorne Assembly; all of us should be preparing our hearts right now for our revival services with Renea Pilsing, March 28th through the 30th. Invite as many people as you can. Just do it! Ladies, there is also an event at Mission Covenant you should pray about attending. IF:Gathering is March 27/28th; details are in the bulletin. We have had Renea Pilsing as our guest evangelist in the past. Renea also spoke at our family camp two years ago. Three years ago we had the Juonis with us, for 4 days of revival, and I believe many people were encouraged and blessed by their ministry. Everyone who calls Hawthorne Assembly their church home should understand my desire is to have, per year, 2-3 evangelist/speakers who clearly move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, come and minister. We are already looking at who should come later in 2020. When I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit it was not because the church had many revival services or even multiple services where people were asked to come forward and receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The 7th statement of our 16 Statements of Fundamental Truths is all about the active work of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. As the Holy Spirit pursues you, you will yield, you will cry out, you will ask God (Jesus) to fill you. The 3rd person of the Trinity needs to be something more than just a “come and get Him while you can” thinking. He is at work in our lives and others see His power being manifested through yielded vessels. The Holy Spirit working in and through our lives should bring about a holy and healthy desire for others to operate in this anointing. In other words, every time we meet, something might happen. God gave us spiritual power tools for a reason. 365 days a year is my expectation for when people might be filled. I received the Holy Spirit empowerment in Janet’s parents' basement in Grand Forks, ND. Their home doesn’t even exist anymore; it’s just a grassy field. When someone is thirsty, they turn open the faucet and out comes water. I expect the same thing when people connect with this local church. Open your hearts to receive from the Lord whatever messages Renea brings forth during these meetings. Whether we meet for just a few days or in the future we have revival services that last for multiple days, our number one priority will always be lost souls who live within our area of outreach. What better reason for having spiritual power tools operating in and through you. We need to be fully alive so we can reach out to our world. Please remember these services are for your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. I am convinced there are a lot of Christians who need a spiritual booster shot. We need fresh power from on high just like the disciples did in the book of Acts. I need your help; please help me extend the invitation to your circle of friends, remember together is better. We should be one of many churches, who are unashamed of exposing people to the power of God, the love of God, the grace of God, the miracles of God, especially for those who are in need of healing. This will be a new experience for some, so let’s not miss out on what God wants to do over the next 30 days. Please consider posting a couple of announcements about the revival services on your social media sites.

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