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Missions Emphasis 2020

Most of you are aware of our partnership and oversight for the Spooner A/G church. I am excited to have Pastor Dave with us this morning to bring an update as to what is happing 55 miles to the south. We just recently completed our 2020 missions emphasis weekend and had a great Appreciation Dinner with over 60 people in attendance. Joshua Chege had a great message and if you missed it you should plan on attending next year’s gathering. Sunday morning was just as exciting with Paul Pierquet sharing from the Word and giving a brief synopsis of working with a wide variety of internationals at the church in Kiev. Part of our missions emphasis each year is asking everyone to prayerfully consider making a missions faith promise. I’ve already received a number of them which is very encouraging. I’m hoping many of you will take the time this week to fill out your faith promise. This is more than a yearly financial pledge for our missions department, but a major prayer initiative; something you would post on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, near your bed, or inside your Bible. Let’s believe together God will meet our need for this special faith promise, which includes praying for missionaries every time you see your card.

Let’s go back to the opening statement about our connection to the Spooner fellowship and their current revitalization plan. My biggest desire for our local congregation is for each of us to clearly know what is happening and how we can participate. At some point we are going to ask individuals within our church family to help with the re-launch later this summer. Right now you can be praying for volunteers, complete funding, clear direction for Pastor Dave and Shelley and whatever he shares this morning. Whether it is Spooner, Iron River, or points beyond all of us are part of those “Beautiful Feet”. Our 2020 theme is more than just words; it is one step in front of another. Maybe your mission focus has you looking in a different direction. That’s great, just being involved with missions is what really matters.

Please consider how you will connect with our 2020 missions focus at Hawthorne Assembly. Hopefully over the next 320 days various missionaries supported by our fellowship will visit us, share updates and great testimonies. Special Sunday night services will be a key opportunity to hear about what’s happening in the mission field; across the globe and in our back yard. Every missionary guest is another chance to hear a report from “points beyond” and to be encouraged by what God is doing right now. During these next 10 months prayerfully consider how you will partner with them through your time, talent and treasures. One of the highest priorities for our local Missions Advisory Team is doing our part in fully funding the missionaries we currently support. The term missionary includes outreach ministries which are: local, regional, national and worldwide. As an example, helping the local food shelf this last weekend is very important. Thank you Linnea Moss for your commitment and to everyone who participated; doesn’t it feel great to fulfill our theme, Together is Better!? 2 Corinthians 8 declares my feelings about our great fellowship. “For I can testify that they gave not only what they could afford, but far more. And they did it of their own free will.”

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