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In less than 14 days we will experience a renewed outreach as part of our Hawthorne Assembly Family ministries. VBS has always been an excellent tool for reaching children in communities such as ours. We are very excited for our second VBS in recent years. For 13 years in late August, we connected with the Solon Springs and Maple school districts and with the help of local businesses and sponsors, gave away thousands of dollars of school supplies during our Back to School Carnivals. 2 years ago we felt we needed a change. We want all of our outreach ministries to have lasting effects on the lives of those we minister with and to. Having new families in the church as a result of our outreaches is always desired but is not the only benchmark to be weighed. During those 13 years the “new additions or new growth” of families to our congregation as a direct result of our Back to School Carnival was difficult to substantiate, but what we did absolutely has lasting effect. People still contact us wondering if we will be giving out school supplies.

Ultimately, the number one goal of any outreach at Hawthorne Assembly is to introduce our neighbors to Jesus, and help them become new believers, even if they don’t become part of our local fellowship.

As the pastor of this church, I have a desire to see more people worshiping with us, yet sheer numbers do not indicate success for our local congregation. The more important questions are: how many more people know about our church? How many more people feel the love of God because of this or any of our outreaches? How many more people are aware that we at Hawthorne Assembly care about people? (Especially the hundreds of children who live within 20 minutes of the church)

With our new transition to Vacation Bible school in August, we may not see its results until years down the road. Nevertheless, that should not stop us from doing what God has called us to do NOW. I’m thankful we have the right individuals, a great group of leaders, who will help to see our second VBS become a springboard for more VBS’s if Jesus tarries. There are still many needed to volunteer, and if you have any questions talk to Diane Kangas and she will help you find the right position to help. This year‘s VBS is called “ROAR” Life is Wild, God is good! One of the most important things for us, as a local body of believers, is to be obedient to what God calls us to do, and I believe this transition of using VBS will see results. We need to be patient, pray, and leave the results to Him.

Side note: Shortly we will begin a new mid-week fall Bible study and many of us should plan now on attending. Paul Walsh will be teaching a new Sunday School class option called “Foundations of our Faith”. A 6-8 week course on the basics of our faith and our fellowship.

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