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Easter 2019

I want to first thank everyone for your overwhelming support of me as your pastor and look forward to what the years ahead hold for all of us as we continue to fulfill God‘s calling individually and corporately. If you did not receive a report from last week’s Annual Business Meeting they are still available. I’m very excited about the next 30 days at Hawthorne Assembly; all of the activities and outreaches planned are nearly upon us. Our giant Easter Egg Hunt is on April 13th and Pastor Dave Caya still needs helpers and lots of goodies. A few days later will be celebrating the community Good Friday service here and 3 days later is Resurrection Sunday! As we get closer to the end of the month the entire staff will be heading to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for our annual network summit. The plans, as of right now, are for Pastor Dave Caya to receive his credentials at this annual gathering. One other very important event that’s happening is our Youth Pastor, Ben, and his wife, Lydia, will be celebrating the birth of their first child and our whole congregation is anticipating celebrating with them.

Speaking of children, Janet and I are very excited about leaving next week for a short vacation to see our first grandchild, Gwenyvere Rose. Of course we’d like to spend a little time with the parents but quite honestly we’re more interested in seeing our first granddaughter. Easter and families spending together is why it is so important we all do our part in sharing our faith in Christ. We want all of our loved ones to experience the joy we have in serving Jesus. Easter is the perfect opportunity! A simple way each of us can accomplish this task is by extending an invitation to a neighbor, co-worker (or whoever you want) to these events. Additionally you can help by putting up flyers at local establishments. The next statement is very important for you to read - I really want you to know I believe in you, you can do it!

I’m looking outside while writing this article and I’m seeing the change of seasons; the snow is rapidly melting around the church property, and I’m really excited about the potential for bare ground for our Easter Egg Hunt. In addition, I’m excited for others to be able to use the playground again and quite honestly, like I said in my annual business report, I’m looking forward to the lawnmower in action cutting the grass. Anything we can do to draw attention, in a positive way, to our Savior I’m saying “Amen!” One of the 16 statements of fundamental truths of the Assemblies of God is the vital need for “the church.” God’s plan for the promotion of the Gospel involves the local church. Local fellowships are very vital and we need to believe that we should do our part to advance His Kingdom. We are one of millions of points of light that others can see and be drawn towards Emmanuel. Every article is posted on our website and Facebook page. I am keenly aware my articles are more like letters to a friend. All of us send letters to a friend where you share your heart; not like when you communicate to someone as a professional sending a formal letter. I’m hoping my writing style, candor and transparency are appreciated by many. I’m not trying to write some professional book or a manuscript. That’s not my goal. My goal is to inspire the reader to do something in the near future towards fulfilling their calling. Personally I’m believing for 100+ people on Easter Sunday but I’m also believing for 100+ people every Sunday. One day will be 150 every Sunday and if it’s the Lord‘s will be 200 people strong on Sunday. We have the space. We have acreage. Let’s believe for something beyond what we can just see for today. Together let’s believe God wants us to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask or think. I’m in!

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