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Counting The Days

We are only 16 days away from as many hours of daylight as darkness! Most of us understand the implications of my first statement, especially to those who are solar powered. We are approaching the season of change, warm summer days give way to chilly fall mornings and for me preferably and hopefully beautiful fall afternoons. I love fall! It’s my favorite season of the year. The changing of the colors, or I should say the appearance of the fall colors, and the ability to have a fire and enjoy its warmth along with the disappearance of mosquitoes. Who doesn’t love wearing a hooded sweatshirt and hiking through the forest while inhaling all of the great smells of fall? Obviously, if we are only 16 days away from the official start of fall, it means we are that much closer to one of my more challenging seasons which is winter. If I were to rank the four seasons which Northwest Wisconsin offers (which I know Janet greatly appreciates) my ranking from least favorite to favorite would be: spring, winter, summer, fall. Sadly spring use to be my second favorite season but with the onset of those little creatures which attach to our flesh, it has been relegated to last place. Also, just for keeping the congregation updated on Monarch hatchings; our last chrysalis hatched on Wednesday and if you’d like to see some pictures I’d be happy to send them to you. This article doesn’t seem to have much to do with “Eternal Significance” yet it has a very profound point which I’m getting ready to make. Psalm 90:12 speaks very eloquently, first let me quote it from the NIV; “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” now let’s read the NLT version “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” This is a very important verse for each of us to ponder and use as fuel for staying engaged. Never forget your next heartbeat is one heartbeat closer to your final heartbeat. Please don’t be disappointed by the finiteness of man’s existence, rather live in the moment knowing you only have so many days before we stand before our Creator. Fall is fast approaching which means we are less than 75 days from being gathered around tables full of food! I’ll be enjoying stuffing, sweet potatoes, pickled okra, real cranberries, homemade gravy, frog-eyed salad and so much more! Yet, we can’t just wait around looking forward to Thanksgiving. The next 75 days are important. There’s a short-term mission trip to accomplish, I need to install a heating unit in my home, but more importantly than anything else, there are souls which need to be saved. Lord, help me to number my days!

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