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One Word - Part 2

As we continue the journey with our “One Word” for 2020 I want to share a portion of a message I heard from Pastor Joshua Becker. His website, if you’re interested, which I would encourage perusing is: He also has a YouTube channel where you can review a number of messages (many of them have a secular tone) yet nothing inappropriate which a Christian would not be able to watch. In one of his articles he speaks to his desire in trying to reach the “masses”. His primary outreach focus is; reducing the stuff we have in our life because it benefits not only believers but everyone. It also opens up a potential avenue for him to share the gospel with those who have not heard it or responded. Josh is a follower of Jesus, just like you and I. About 12 years ago while organizing his garage had a life changing moment. His next-door neighbor walked up to him and asked if he had ever thought about becoming a minimalist? At first he was taken aback by her question but he believes it was the beginning of something wonderful which has taken place in his life and his family. Josh was honest with himself and even as his neighbor was confronting one of his own weaknesses, he saw his son in his front yard and realized he could be hanging out with his wife and children versus organizing all the stuff in the garage.

When I chose my word “Uncluttered” for 2020 it wasn’t just about removing things from my life; it is about living an uncluttered life as mentioned in last week’s article. I have great appreciation for anyone who has found success in this area of life; or any. Many individuals struggle with things such as: organization, time management, money management, hoarding, life-controlling habits, so the concepts taught by Josh are well worth all of us considering. Below are some of his thoughts and my thoughts combined together and hopefully they will be an encouragement for you. Let’s consider the difference between organizing and minimizing, especially as it relates to things around our homes, offices, garages, and anywhere they take up space. There is no question we should all be better at organizing, but for many of us our greatest success is going to come from minimizing. #1. Getting a bigger box to stick stuff in is not the best answer towards getting organized, the better way to get organized is to minimize. #2. Minimizing helps you get rid of stuff; organizing only leads to more keeping and having to remember what you put in each box. #3. Minimizing blesses others and immediately frees you up. #4. Minimizing reduces our desire for more while organizing only says there’s a reason why I need to keep this. #5. When we minimize, it forces us to evaluate what really matters to us, while “bigger box” organizing just says “I’ll think about it some other day.” (Be honest, don’t try and convince yourself by putting stuff into a better labeled bin you will somehow be freer of it.) #6. Minimizing frees us up to pursue our greatest passions; those things you’ve always wanted to do and have more time and resources for future endeavors. Hopefully many of you will see dramatic changes happening in my life, my office, my vehicle, which will ultimately provide more time I can spend with my wife, my family, my church, on missions trips and most importantly time with the Lord. Most individuals who begin this process give themselves a year to evaluate the impact. One other goal for 2020 is daily to give something away, throw something away, and say no to something not needed in my life. For those who are collectors, please understand I am not suggesting if your passion is collecting to quit your passion. Just make sure you’ve adjusted the remainder of your life knowing “collections” take up significant space. Ecclesiastes 3:6 says, “…a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;”

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