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Fall Fashion Season

At one time I had considered a career with fashion, whether it was men’s or women’s fashion. It was one of those unique moments, an aspirational pondering mainly in my mind that lasted for only a few fleeting moments. Part of my fashion thought process, as a younger man came from being around my mother who is a professional seamstress. Actually she’s closer in talent to someone that would be considered a tailor. She was able to and is still able to, at the age of 82, repair just about any clothing item you can imagine. During all seasons of fashion she was in high demand if alterations or repairs were needed. For those who are not aware with the change of seasons comes the change of fashion. There is spring fashion, summer fashion and now its all about fall fashion. Sorry to inform you in a few weeks the experts will be talking about the new winter fashion. I’m not here to discuss clothing fashion, I am here to discuss God‘s seasonal fashions. As I look outside my office window I am slowly seeing the change of colors in the trees along Highway 53. God’s fall fashion is about to be on display. Lest we forget the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. We understand from the scriptures the enemy of our souls roams about like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. Satan does have limited authority here on earth. Yet he has no control over the wind and the waves, especially over creation itself. More specifically, nothing on this planet created, which has within it the ability to perpetuate life (trees, flowers, vegetation, crops, animals and mankind) none of this is the work of our adversary Satan. With one more gaze outside my window, I am just amazed at the handiwork of All-Mighty God. Farmers are also beginning to see the signs of the growing season coming to an end. They understand that in the next 60 days the harvest is soon to take place. Having lived in southern Minnesota for 24 years, the fall scenery is dramatically different. Trees everywhere are replaced by fields of corn and soybeans. These maturing fields will soon be filled with tractors and combines working around the clock, hoping to beat the start of winter. With wishful thinking, my only request would be that fall could last 30 to 60 days longer and winter would be abbreviated by the same amount. Janet and I were hiking near Solon Springs last week and the colors, the aromas, and the fresh air made for an exceptional experience. When missionary Steve Dunn was here he wanted to go hiking, as was his daily routine, so we tried to keep up with his fast-paced 5 mile venture. Steve told us how the air in pine and hardwood forests is full of healthy antibiotics and breathing deep can keep one healthier. I can’t verify his statement but I always feel better after a hike in the woods. Let me encourage some spiritual deep breathing, as you take to heart my next thought. As followers of the Lord Jesus we find ourselves in different seasons in our life. Seasons not based on our age or the calendar but more often by what God is doing in our life right now. Seasons which relate to specific situations, specific expectations, specific relationships and specific ministry directives. In one area of your life you could be in a season of winter and barrenness and in another area of your life it could be spring and new growth. For example, you may be transitioning out of a relationship which was not healthy; you’re just leaving the winter of that season. Yet your prayer life has blossomed like never before and so it is the season of spring, your communication with God has never been so alive! The more I grow, the more I see all four seasons happening simultaneously in my life.

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