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For recommendations from the CDC regarding Covid-19 please go to: 



We are a local fellowship of Christ followers who meet on Sunday morning and throughout the week to worship God and celebrate life together!

Our Team

Please take a few minutes to meet the people who help us live out our faith journey.

Get Involved

We offer a variety of ways to connect with others throughout the week.

Adult Sunday School - 9:30am

(other classes cancelled until further notice)

Worship Service - Sun 10:30am

Intercessory Prayer - Tues 10 - 11am 

Prayer - Wed 6:00pm

Adult Bible Study - Wed 6:30pm

Open Worship Practice Wed  8 - 9pm

Ladies Study - Every other Thurs 10am

(held at various homes)

Additional events available throughout the year. 


You can now give your tithes and offerings online at https://gyve.io/give/hawthorne  or through the GYVE app (pelican is the logo).

Or you can mail a check to:

Hawthorne Assembly

6366 S County Rd E

Poplar, WI 54864

Corona Virus in Hawthorne

Birthdays & Anniversaries

S.O.A.P. Readings

There have been reported cases of COVID-19 in the Hawthorne area. Please stay home if you have any symptoms including fever, cough, etc. We do not want you to be afraid, but we do want you to be aware. Wash your hands and don't touch your face. For protection advice from the CDC please go to: 


Attend Service In Person, In Your Car, or Online

We are holding services inside but if you prefer to stay in your car you can pull up to the east side by the three big windows near the sanctuary and listen to the FM broadcast by tuning your radio to 100.1. If you can't make it in person, services are streamed on Facebook live and can be found later in the week on youtube and on this website under the sermons tab. 


If you are sick or have any kind of fever or cough we request that you stay home or stay in your car but please do not enter the building.

Secret Sister & Brother Project

We want to bring some extra joy and fun into 2021 so we are starting a Secret Sister/Brother Project. If interested, please fill out a form from the welcome table (or e-mail Hannah at hawthorneagwi@gmail.com and she will send you one) and turn it into Hannah or Pastor Joe. Hannah will let you know who your secret person is by the end of the month. All you have to do pray for them and bless them at least once a month via a card, note of encouragement, small gift, etc. and someone will do the same for you. There will be a drop off area here at church so your identity can remain a secret. WE REALLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO PARTICPATE! Please turn in completed forms by Sun, Nov. 31st.


~~ Happy Birthday ~~


 4 Aiden Katzmark

 6 David Kallberg

 6 Ryan Kangas

10 Tia Hankins

13 Naomi Walsh

16 Angie Moss

18 Nathanael Walsh

21 Amelia Collins

26 Delores Kallberg

26 Charity Walsh

29 Chris Walsh


~~ Happy Anniversary ~~


5 Alan & Hannah Hazard


If we have missed your birthday, anniversary or have it printed incorrectly, or you would like to be added to the list, please let us know.  We would like to honor you.

Missions Appreciation Dinner

Join us for our annual Missions Appreciation Dinner on Saturday, January 30th at 6pm here at the church. This year’s focus will be on the persecuted church. Please let us know if you can help out by making soups and/or breads from around the world. The church will provide dessert. Be sure to be here Sunday morning, 1/31 also to hear from a missionary to Nepal.

Celebration of Life for

Edithe Johnson

The Celebration of Life for Edithe Johnson will be Wednesday, January 27th at Hawthorne Assembly. Visitation will be at 10am, service at 11am, with lunch to follow.  ALL ARE WELCOME to celebrate the life of this Godly saint!

Hawthorne Assembly

              On the Same Page….


□ 1   Genesis 1-2;  Luke 1

□ 2   Genesis 3-5;  Luke 2

□ 3   Genesis 6-8;  Luke 3

□ 4   Genesis 9-11;  Luke 4

□ 5   Genesis 12-14;  Luke 5

□ 6   Genesis 15-17;  Luke 6

□ 7   Genesis 18-19;  Psalms 3; Luke 7

□ 8   Genesis 20-22;  Luke 8

□ 9   Genesis 23-24;  Luke 9

□ 10  Genesis 25-26; Psalms 6; Luke 10

□ 11  Genesis 27-28; Psalms 4; Luke 11

□ 12   Genesis 29-30;  Luke 12

□ 13   Genesis 31-33;  Luke 13

□ 14   Genesis 34-36;  Luke 14

□ 15   Genesis 37-38; Psalms 7; Luke 15

□ 16   Genesis 39-41;  Luke 16

□ 17   Gen. 42-43; Psalms, 5; Luke 17

□ 18   Genesis 44-46;  Luke 18

□ 19   Gen. 47-48; Psalms 10; Luke 19

□ 20   Genesis  49-50; Psalms 8; Luke 20

□ 21   Exodus 1-2; Psalms 88; Luke 21

□ 22   Exodus 3-5; Luke 22

□ 23   Exodus 6-8; Luke 23

□ 24   Exodus 9-11; Luke 24

□ 25   Exodus 12-13; Psalms 21; Acts 1

□ 26   Exodus 14-16; Acts 2

□ 27   Exodus 17-20; Acts 3

□ 28   Exodus 21-22; Psalms 12; Acts 4

□ 29   Exodus 23-24; Psalms 14; Acts 5

□ 30   Exodus 25-27; Acts 6

□ 31   Exodus 28-29; Acts 7

Part-Time Children's Pastor Needed

We are looking for a part-time Children's Pastor. Credentials with the Assemblies of God are encouraged but not required.

Please e-mail your resume to joedokken@gmail.com and provide a call back number.

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