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“I love technology.”

By Pastor Joe

First off yes, I did mention Christmas last week in my article. Ironically, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week did not even get above 60° during the day! Today, Thursday July 8th while writing the Eternal Significance article this morning, it’s barely 60° outside! (It’s supposed to hit 70° today) That’s overwhelming, actually underwhelming for the middle of summer…go figure! Before you forget we had 15 days in June of high temps above 85° Well, here we go, my thought for today is about technology and the amazing abilities we have on our phones, laptops (or desk top computers) and many other high-tech devices. 30 years ago, all of these technologies would've been secretive and at best used by the military or some “spy type” of agency. Remember the Jetson’s and their wrist phones. Here we are in 2021 and you can buy a laptop for less than $200, a smart phone for less than $40, a television less than 2 inches thick and at least a 36” diagonal screen for a couple hundred dollars. With a smart phone, you can talk with someone halfway around the world for free, depending upon what app you have on your phone or smart device. With “WhatsApp” I'm able to talk, send pictures, even chat with my relatives in Germany, and it costs me nothing to use. The funding concept of how “apps” can be free (since nothing non-eternal in the world is free) intrigues me, because someone is paying for our pleasure of using this technology. The convenience of daily use, 24/7, comes with a grain of caution from your Pastor. Nevertheless, God has given mankind the ability to create amazing technology, and it can be used for good and sadly it can be used for evil. Most browsing, on the internet, is for the purpose of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, or the pride of life. Sadly, it is true based on research. We need to protect ourselves from technology while at the same time embracing everything it can do for us as individuals, families, and even the kingdom of God. Our local fellowship has dramatically changed how we use technology in the last 3 years. Here is a brief list: Facebook church site, Private Website, Live Streaming Church services, Text in Church messaging, FM radio station. Imagine if we could get the gospel out to every home within 15 miles of the church because of the ability to podcast our sermons? What if we sent out daily devotionals to encourage people with a timely Scripture? Just imagine all the ways, with technology, we could send out eternal information about the love of God to our neighborhood. Whatever we can do with technology to advance the gospel, to help broaden our communication abilities with our neighbors, to reach out to our family near and far, even our close intimate family, let's take advantage of what we can. We were not born by chance in the 20th or 21st century so it's our responsibility to be all things to all people, that we might win a few. This paraphrased verse is found in 1 Corinthians 9:22. Take time to read the entire passage verses 19-23 and meditate on how you can apply it to your life. For me, communicating through my phone, laptop, video presentations or whatever high-tech device, needs to be edifying towards this congregation. Taking this thought one step further, all of us need to heed the leading of the Spirit of God, with the desire that our high-tech usage helps to advance His message. If you are only using your smart devices and laptops for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Amazon, Google search (you get the idea) we need to expand our reasons for owning these devices. You might even need to repent, possibly even take a break from some of these options. Let’s invest more time and technology into Kingdom of God data, Bible studies, online sermons, even great movies such as “The Chosen”. I don’t love technology; I love what it can do for me and God’s Kingdom.


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