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In previous years we would be reading this article while sitting at Assembly Park Bible camp on the shores of Lake Minnesuing. Even though I am excited about gathering at the corner of US Highway 53 and Kent Road this Sunday I would much more prefer to be hanging out near Minnesuing Acres Drive. Our current COVID-19 epidemic has changed or postponed multiple activities for all of us. Our annual Summer Camp service will have to go into a holding pattern for one year. The last five years have been a real pleasure getting to know the staff at APBC. Gary and Cheryl Bell have been the camp administrators for over 14 years and recently stepped down. They recently accepted the Senior pastor position at their local church in Augusta, WI. During their tenure at APBC the transformation of this Christ-centered retreat facility has been remarkable! Knowing there are some who were not part of Hawthorne Assembly when Gary and Cheryl were doing “double duty” should really appreciate their commitment to the kingdom of God. Janet and I have seen, over just the last 5 years, the amazing improvements at Assembly Park. Some of the improvements include; a new snack stand, the fire pit with swings, upgraded cabins, upgraded bathrooms, new storage sheds, audio & video improvements in the worship facility, and of course the expansion of the cafeteria. Bummer! Many of us were looking forward to hanging out there this summer. I almost forgot, two of the local Assembly of God churches have benefited greatly from the staff that has worked at the camp. Central Assembly and Hawthorne Assembly both found their youth pastors hanging out on the shores of Lake Minnesuing. Hopefully each and every one of you will take the time to contact Gary and Sheryl and thank them for their sacrificial and first class service displayed for all to see and appreciate over the years. Hawthorne Assembly has always been a key part of APBC and we have been benefactors and contributors throughout the many decades. I want to thank Johnny Johnson for volunteering to be on the search committee to help find the new administrator for the camp. Last week they announced Dave Thomassen will be the new Camp administrator. Currently he is the lead pastor at Dallas A/G. Dave has had a direct connection with the camp for many years; his father, Curt, was the camp administrator in years past. Gary and Cheryl will be greatly missed. I personally appreciate their commitment to keeping Jesus Christ the central focus of all camping activities. Many within this congregation have directly or indirectly benefited from the Spirit-anointed gatherings while camping. Multiple individuals have given their life to Christ, re-dedicated their life, been filled with the Holy Spirit, water baptized and some even called into full-time ministry. Thank you Gary and Cheryl Bell for the legacy you have left at Assembly Park Camp.

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